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Photography & Videography Studio Rental Miami

Are you a creative in the Miami Dade County area? Are you ready to take those next steps in your industry? Hangout Creations offers studio rental and creative working spaces for creatives in Miami. Whether your field is videography, photography, podcasting, social media, and marketing, or music, we have a rental studio space that can suit you and your creative needs. If this piques your interest, our Miami studios may be suitable for you!

Studio Rental Options

As creatives, it can be hard to harness our craft and pursue our full potential without the necessary space. Are you currently trying to work from home or find that your current studio does not give you the right vibes and energy to create your best work? We designed our creative working spaces to ignite passion and creativity. Our haven may be just what you need to get on track professionally.

Our rental studio space is available through various packages, including artist and influencer packages, content creator packages, and brand content packages. Once you pick which studio rental is right for you and your artistic needs, you can decide which membership reflects the time that you will be spending in our creative working spaces. Here are some options available for studio rental at Hangout Creations:

Studio Rent per Hour (no lighting or equipment):
  • First Floor Only: $50 per hour (3-hour minimum)
  • Both Floors: $80 per hour (3-hour minimum)
Studio Rent per Hour (lighting included):
  • First Floor Only: $100 per hour (3-hour minimum)
  • Both Floors: $130 per hour (3-hour minimum)
In addition to affordable studio rental space options, Hangout Creations offers competitive membership packages with many industry perks included. Our membership packages options include artist and influencer packages, content creator packages, brand content packages, and more! Here are some additional services we offer:
  • Color correction
  • “Behind the Scenes,” or BTS Photoshoots
  • Promo Edits
  • Instagram Reel Videos
  • Instagram teaser edits of BTS and reel videos
  • Custom packages
  • Additional promotions and discounts

Hours & Location

Our creative working spaces are conveniently located in the Miami area, and they fully operate for eleven hours each day. Hours for our rental studio space are Monday through Sunday, 10 AM-9 PM. With this broad range of time available to you, you will have more time to access your studio than other creative working spaces in the area. We know the schedules of creatives are always busy, so we take pride in offering such flexible hours to our clients.

Rental Studio Space

Suppose you are looking for a studio space for rent that can serve as a recording studio in Miami, a photography studio rental, or general studio rentals in Miami for your creative and artistic needs. In that case, Hangout Creations is ideal for you! Our Miami studios are the premier studio space for rent in South Florida and the Miami city area. The extensive range of services and space we offer in content creation and artistic production are just what any artist needs to jumpstart their career or expand upon a brand or creative skill already in your expertise.

You are assured to be in good company with fellow artists and creatives in our vibrant, modern studio rentals in Miami. Whether you need Hangout Creations for photography studio rental, a recording studio Miami space, or otherwise, our flexible rental options, pricing, space, memberships, and equipment make our Miami studios perfect for any artist, content creator, podcaster, and more.

Creative Working Spaces

A workspace is where you spend most of your day, whether you are an artist, businessperson, creator, or otherwise. After spending so many hours in a single space, it can be hard to stay focused or find the inspiration you may need. At Hangout Creations, our mission is to boost the creative vibes in our creative working spaces to get you inspired, motivated, and ready to create.

Our Miami studios are mood and productivity-boosting and will make your workday flow more quickly because our space is somewhere you are sure to love. When you are in a space you love, you can ignite your creativity! Until you can join us at Hangout Creations studio rentals Miami, here are some ways you can elevate your at-home workspace, inspired by us and what we do:

  • Freshen up your space by rearranging the furniture.
  • Create a dedicated break routine and space in your workspace.
  • Try adding more warm and gentle lighting to your workspace, avoiding harsh tones.
  • Customize your space with the right desk, chair, and more to amplify productivity.
  • Create a mood or inspiration board to hang in your office, or add some artwork.
  • Add plants and greenery to brighten up your workspace.
  • Set time aside for a walk or time away from screens, each day if possible.
  • Rotate between working, sitting down, and standing up to stay alert.
  • Add a diffuser to enjoy the mood-boosting benefits of aromatherapy to help you relax.
  • Try to set up your workspace near a window or natural light.
Because every person is uniquely themselves and has different needs, you can take or leave these ideas for your creative working space when you find what works best for you. This is why at Hangout Creations, we offer such a wide variety of studio rentals, hours, and membership options because we know that every creative has their own process and has different needs to achieve their goals.

Start Renting Your Space Today!

Every creative needs their own space to thrive. At Hangout Creations, we know we have created the kind of safe, ideal space every photographer, producer, videographer, podcaster, social media guru, and more look for when renting. With our variety of studio rental options and our various membership options to choose from, you can tailor your creative working space to your needs. Give us a call or visit our website today to learn more from a free consultation and begin your studio rental today!

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