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Brand Events at Hangout Creations

To create a successful brand event, we must consider the branding behind your event. The brand’s values, image and unique attributes all matter in making brand events memorable and stand out. If you are looking to host influencer events, a digital media event, outreach event, brand marketing events, and more, Hangout Creations is here to help you wow your audience and clients, making a massive positive impact on your business with videography, photography & behind the scenes.

Why Are Brand Events So Important?

Brand events are important in so many ways. When you create new leads, progress with current ones, build credibility and loyalty as a brand or business, and get your name out there overall through a valuable marketing and event experience, people will respond positively and become customers and even advocates of your work. When you resonate with your audience or attendees, whether online or in-person, you are taking those steps to build trust and long-term relationships with the consumer.

Brand Events with Hangout Creations

With Hangout Creations, your business is in the best of hands. We are leaders in the industry for brand events, and we can make your event one to remember. When you think of the best concert, sports game, show, or event you have attended, you can probably remember some specifics, such as the music, food, setup, attendees, sponsors, and more. That is the kind of memorable experience we aim to create at Hangout Creations, and here’s how we do it:

  • Influencer Outreach
  • Multiple Sets, lighting, backdrop, and props can be included
  • Wardrobe, hair, and makeup artist can be provided
  • Crew producer, production designer, videographer, photographer & lighting team on set
  • Catered food and drinks can be provided or usage of leveraged relationships with like minded brands
  • Cross-promotion of content between influencer, brands & co-collaborators
  • Brand Live stream
  • Influencer reels & stories
  • Tag influencers and brands
  • Influencers can go live
  • BTS video and photos of the event
  • Professionally shot content
  • Individual photos and videos of influencers wearing, using or indulging in products

Influencer Events

Our studio at Hangout Creations can be rented to host an event, such as an influencer outreach event, that will allow a brand to set up their products in-studio and have a pop-up party for influencers to attend. Before the event, Hangout Creations will do outreach with the event opportunity to influencers, and all options will be vetted with the clients beforehand. At Hangout Creations, we can set up sets, lighting, and backdrops to make the studio an ideal setting for photos and videos to best capture the influencer engaging with the brand’s products. Influencer events will be shared in real-time on social media to tag brands and increase consumer social media engagement in real-time. All behind-the-scenes shots and videos will be included as well for additional posting to feed, reels, stories and more.

How to Build Your Brand Event


Influencer outreach is necessary to ensure your event is well-attended. This can and should be done through ads, emails, social media marketing and posts, and more. But direct messaging on social networks is always the most effective. By giving potential attendees various ways to learn more about, rsvp to, and share your brand event, the better the turnout will be.


When we talk about design, we mean photography, videography, logos and colors, graphics, swag, event posters, stage design, and more. All of these things affect the success of your event & must be cohesive.

Merch & Swag

Merchandise or swag is always good leverage as everyone loves free stuff! Swag can range from a material item, such as a tote bag, shirt, hat, or otherwise with branded content such as a brand logo, but can also include things like gift cards, charitable donations, and more. Choose swag most relevant to your brand if you’re not gonna be leveraging your own products as a take home for participants.


Because our present-day world is very active online, consumers are bound to click on videos presented via social media, making videos so crucial to marketing initiatives across the board. It is additionally helpful to have videos of the events to share for recaps, helping to initiate buzz for future events.

Event Branding

Get creative for your brand event! The more thoughtful your event, the more memorable it will be to the attendees. The effort from the start creates long-term success.

Host with Hangout Creations

Whether you are planning influencer events, special events, corporate events, holiday events, an influencer marketing conference, a digital media event, an outreach event, brand marketing events, or Miami marketing events, Hangout Creations is here to provide the best and most memorable event experience Miami has to offer. Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation to learn more about what we do and why hosting with Hangout Creations is right for you!

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