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Music video recording is not an easy task, even though technology has made recording more accessible. If you’re looking for equipment for video recording, you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg, like, let’s say, forty years ago, because you can basically grab your phone from your pocket and start filming.

Still, you know that a smartphone video won’t stand a chance next to the prowess of a professional videographer, pro music video equipment, powerful video sets, and high-quality post-production work.

In this article, the team at Hangout Creations will go over the must-haves for music video equipment and will also cover the things that make a professional videographer your best option to work with on your next project.

Equipment for Video Recording

So, let’s see the essentials you’ll be needing:

A Camera 

When it comes to music video recording, the first essential component is the camera. Going with a higher-quality, feature-packed device would be the best option here. Sure, even the latest-generation mobile phones can sometimes deliver high-end video quality, but professional videographers will often opt for more advanced devices. For example, a high-tech 4K digital camera is able to capture every detail, making the end result genuinely breathtaking. 

Video Camera Recording at the Set

Tripods or Stabiliziers

No matter how good your music video sets are, if the footage is shaky, it simply won’t reach the desired effects. Using stabilizers and tripods is essential to create a video variety of angles, stationary footage, and recording when the camera is moving. 

A good stabilizer will make movement and transitions smoother and enable you to experiment with different ideas when the camera and you move in different directions or whatever pops in your mind.

Professional Lighting

Ever wondered what makes video sets so powerful even when they aren’t that grandiose, like something out of Star Wars? Lighting can pretty much make or break your music video recording efforts, and thus, it’s an essential part of every project. 

A fully customizable lighting kit will help your professional videographer create a certain feel, mood, and look, aside from capturing the music video in the most appropriate lighting. 

Other Must-Haves

The bare essentials are covered; now, let’s see what your music video equipment kit should also include if you want to do everything by the book. 

Lenses: Depending on the ideas you have come up with your professional videographer, you may want to use interchangeable lenses to introduce even more variety to your music video.

Headphones: For sound monitoring purposes, your crew will most certainly use pro-grade headphones, especially in the case of live music video performances. When you opt for lipsyncing, this isn’t that important.

Music Player and Speakers: When you’re lipsyncing, a good music player and a pair of quality speakers are essential since you will need to hear your tunes on the music video set. Hearing the music will keep everyone on the same page, the video crew, you, the professional dancers, and everybody else essential to the production. 

When it comes to the actual player, you’ll want to use something that gives you easy access to the controls, enabling you to start and stop the music on the fly, with simple fast-forward and rewind controls. 

Regarding speakers, you will definitely need something that has the decent audio quality and is compact enough for you to move around easily. No matter how high-quality your music video production is, you probably won’t need to lug around huge cabinets to hear the music.

External Microphones, Digital Audio Recorders, External Camera Monitors: If you want to capture live performances, audio recorders, external mikes, monitors, and many other accessories are also welcome (often essential) to achieve the best possible video and audio quality.

Music Video Recording As A Service

If you already have experience with music video production, you know that music video equipment is only one side of the equation. True professionality comes by providing the gear and the services which will help you create a truly breathtaking music video that will do justice to your music and creative ideas.

Here’s what you are getting if you opt to work with a professional videographer:

Expert Input

Working with a seasoned expert team means you will be in a music video set where people know what works. They will set the lighting up, come up with the best camera angles, and change the lenses to ensure that the video will bring out the best and most from your music and creative idea.

A professional videographer may also give you recommendations regarding costumes, sets, and other crucial factors that can significantly influence the project’s feel, vibe, and overall outcome.

Thanks to their experiences, they already know what concepts work the best for different ideas and genres of music, ensuring that you’ll be represented in the best light possible.

Creative Input

We here at Hangout Creations love to be a part of the creative process. Give us an idea, and we’ll turn it into reality. What we’re trying to say is that a team of professional videographers will help you come up with the basic concept of your music video and help you with storyboards, choreography, and more.

They will also help with set creations, choosing the best wardrobe, and help set up general design tasks to help create something truly outstanding.


When you have several music video sets where you’ll be shooting, scheduling the locations, setting up the equipment, and making sure that everybody arrives on time can be a hassle, and if you don’t take care of everything in time, the entire music video project can turn into a nightmare in no time. A good video production company will take care of the logistics and make sure that every set will be fully equipped and that all staff will show up on time without any delays.

Access to Other Expert Teams

Setting up a fully-professional video production project is a huge undertaking. To realize a truly captivating and memorable music video, you probably also need the help of stylists, make-up artists, additional sound engineer staff, dancers, session musicians, and everything else you may need to set up the atmosphere of the video.

Group of young people making a video feed from beach party at sunset


Ask any expert, and they will tell you that the magic in video production happens after the shooting of the footage. A creative and experienced team will take care of post-production tasks, editing your music video in various ways to help it reach its true potential.

It’s Not Just About The Equipment

As you can see, while there’s no music production without the necessary gear and kits, they won’t guarantee success. They are essential for capturing the footage, but the services are what really make the end result truly “pop.” 

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of working with an experienced team of professionals, contact Hangout Creations today to brainstorm your ideas. We’ll turn your vision into reality.

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