How To Setup A Photography Studio

Photo Studio With Modern Interior and Lighting Equipment

If you’ve spent any time as a photographer, you know that photos taken outside are almost always amazing, but sometimes, you need to use a studio for a photoshoot. 

On that note, you can’t just hope for the best and start snapping a few pictures in a room. To get the most out of your location, you need to learn how to set up a photography studio properly to get the best lighting and angles and get those creative juices flowing all the time.

So, if you want to know more about the ins and outs of setting up a pro photography studio, this blog post is for you! 

The Importance of a Professional Photo Studio Setup

If you want to have your own professional photo studio, you are looking into a rather significant investment. Still, it’s a more cost-effective way to work as a photographer in the long run than constantly renting professional studios. On the other hand, if you have your own studio for photoshoots, you can tailor every aspect of it to match your brand and personality. This may not seem so important at first glance. Still, later on, you will realize that proper branding and your very own studio can help you a great deal in becoming a recognizable expert and attracting new business.

How to set up a Photography Studio

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Think about the location

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First things first, deciding where to set up your studio will mostly depend on your clientele. If you specialize in portraits and cater to local families, setting up your business near their local area would make sense.

On the other hand, if you do fashion or product photography, you might be better off setting up a shop near a city center. 

Still, before you decide, take your time and research your options. Costs will be a significant factor in opting for a location, but you will also need to assess other aspects as well. For instance, will your studio have a parking space? Is the place of the studio perfect for outdoor photoshoots? 

Back on costs, while you might want to be near to the city center as a busy fashion photographer, you might get a better deal for a larger studio in midtown or outside of the city. 

All in all, it’s all about your preferences and clientele, so take a closer look at your finances and let the numbers tell you where would be the most suitable to set up shop.

Interior Design is Essential

When it comes to designing the interior of your studio, you will also need to assess a couple of different things. 

First, in any proper photo studio setup, you need to have segregated areas for specific jobs. Fashion and portrait photographers will most likely need a backdrop screen or several of them. If you take pictures of food, you will most likely need chairs, tables, and an area that resembles a kitchen,

You also want the walls of the studio to be a color that will support the photography effects you most often use. Matte finishes help you with glare control; softer colors are great for better light reflection, and so on. 

Lastly, don’t leave the walls empty if you have a space where you meet with your clients. You sell what you can showcase, so make sure to hang your best shots on the wall. 


When it comes to a professional photo studio setup, getting the light lighting is probably the most crucial aspect. For product and fashion photographers, the position of the light sources and the dark and light patches they can create is essential for creating something really tasteful.

As a matter of fact, lighting can be used to manipulate and emphasize different features and characteristics. 

Here are your options as far as lighting goes: 

  • Natural light: If you have your windows facing south and north, you can make good use of daylight, but only when it’s sunny. 
  • LED lamps: A consistent source of light is essential in an indoor photoshoot setup, and constant light at an affordable price could be obtained with modern LED lamps where you can use color filters and lighting strips to produce a wide range of colors. In essence, LED is great for product and tabletop photography. 
  • Speedlights: These create bright and brief flashes that can block out the sun and create stylishly deep shadows.
  • Strobe lights: Similar to speedlights, only more robust, supplying more light. 
  • Fresnel lights: With concentric, light-bending rings, giving off a single powerful light beam, great for distance shots.

When it comes to lighting, you should also remember to use modifiers that will control the light’s spread and direction before it can reach the subject. 

Modifiers can be:

  • Translucent photography umbrellas
  • Octagonal or rectangular softbox umbrellas with diffusion covers.
  • Scrims are pass-through flat screens that are better for providing better soft light focus.

Camera Lens Filters

When setting up a studio for photoshoots, you want to be ready for every challenge. Filters are excellent for correcting the natural light’s color bias and exposure and breathing life into every shoot.

ND or neutral density filters work like dark gasses, limiting the amount of light that can enter the camera without actually changing the color.

Polarizing filters allow the light to pass through only from specific polarizations, reducing reflections from glass, water, and other glossy surfaces.

Color filters to change to cooling or warmth effects of the natural environment.

About The Backdrop 

Backdrops can add a great deal of contextual elegance to hour shots, and they can also help control light exposure and reflection. By populating the photo with the right color, you can improve the ambiance of the photo immensely. To get the right lighting, texture, and color temperature, artificial screens can serve as excellent backdrops. 

Adapters, Batteries, Computers

Desktop With Photography Equipment, Camera, Tripod, Flash and Computer

In the proper photo studio setup, you will also need a wide range of batteries and adapters to save time and work without delay. It’s also a great way to impress your clients and not disrupt their schedules. 

Also, having a laptop or a desktop at hand to preview and edit the images instantly is convenient not just for you but for your clients as well. On that end, investing in good editing software is another wise move if you wish to create breathtaking images that are up to the latest standards. 

Storage, Furniture, and Floors

You might not know this, but the floors can affect the reflective quality of the photos. To be able to control the light that bounces off the floors, use marble or wood panels if you can. Clean granite might also do the trick. 

The Right Setup Matters

As you can see, the proper equipment and design all massively affect your work; that’s why you should always opt for quality. 

The team at Hangout Creations profoundly understands the nuances that go into creating the perfect studio. If you need help with your upcoming photo shoot or looking for top-notch photography production, feel free to reach out to them and experience the magic they do firsthand. 


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